AAYG Our Clients


Our long-standing clients work in varying trades and industries, challenging our professional team’s knowledge and practice constantly, and polishing their capability to adapt quickly to differing financial paperwork and services.

Sharing common requirements – for example, matching suppliers with deliveries, their payment and receipts, or bank reconciliation or payroll services – every trade and industry have specific aspects to be recognised and dealt with.

Working with small owner-managed or multimillion turnover companies

Whatever sector of industry you come from, no matter what kind of business you are running – from small owner-managed to multimillion pound turnover companies and charities – we invite you to check out who we are working with and their reviews [See Testimonials].

Media: Music and Entertainment, Events – national and global -, Publishing, Broadcasting Film and TV, Digital Media and PR.

Charities: Education – fundraising grants for scholarship -, Social Care focused on elderly people.

Health and Counselling: Psychological Services.

Financials: Funding advice, International advisory services, Property Management.

Technology: IT Companies.

We are proud to work with all of them and happy to see them expand and recommend our services to their own clients and acquaintances.

Empathy with clients: we are happy if you are happy

Now, if you are interested in our knowledge or ability to adapt to attend different trades and circumstances, contact us and ask for a free initial consultation. [See Contact] We’ll contact you or you can come to us – as required.