What about ‘Pay As You Go’ Bookkeeping?

AAYG Ltd t/a Account As You Go Ltd is a bookkeeping and accountancy company, based in London, focused on what your business requires most: your full attention.

No matter if you are already a well stablished company, we tailor our services to your needs using a unique formula: ‘Pay As You Go’ bookkeeping. You only pay for the time we spend on your business.

No fixed fees nor monthly standing charges.

We only invoice you for ‘Pay As You Go’ services rendered.

You will receive the advice and get benefit from our team of experienced bookkeepers – composed of professionals with some 30 years’ experience in the UK and abroad.

Team Spirit

Account As You Go Ltd works with you as a professional team. That’s relieving you of the burden of bookkeeping and enabling you to concentrate on what you know best. From experience, we’ve learnt to adapt quickly to clients’ differing need, trade and size.

Teamwork and good communications are our priorities and the secret of accurate bookkeeping. We specialise in helping our clients to run their business profitably, accurately and effectively. That reduces accounting and bookkeeping costs.

Consistency = Accurate Bookkeeping

We deal with all aspects of book-keeping – consistently – from day to day transactions, e.g. sale invoices, credit control, creditors’ posting and payment, bank reconciliation, payroll, VAT returns, accruals, prepayments, deferred income, asset depreciation, et cetera… right through clients’ specific needs, offering management accounting, cash-flow, budgeting, tailored reporting, et cetera… as required and appropriate. [See OUR SERVICES]

Saving your time!

Account As You Go Ltd understands that although up-to-date and accurate book-keeping is essential as well as compulsory it’s not always necessary to have a full time employee on the payroll – our services eliminate full-time overheads while consistently meeting all reporting and monitoring requirements. Why not to outsource your financial paperwork?

Reporting and monitoring all your requirements.

If you are planning to outsource your financial paperwork, you can always ask Account As you Go Ltd for a free initial consultation and see what outsourcing book-keeping services could cost you and what savings you could make. Free-ing up your time?